What is WVDogs?
WVDogs is a social organization that helps dog owners get involved in community events with their pets.  The Club also works to educate dog owners on responsible pet ownership.  WVDogs encourages members to get out and play with their dogs!

Examples  include:
Scrapbook Sessions
Dog Treat Bake Days
Easter Egg Hunt at VA Dog Park
Lunch with your dog at Lambert’s Winery,Provence Market or Heston Farms
Blackberry Festival Informational Booth
Visiting Area Dog Parks
Hiking at Coopers Rock
Hiking a VA Park
Christmas Party
Christmas Treat and Gift Sale

Educating the community is an essential part of WVDogs.  Not only do the members work with area pet friendly events, but they also strive to relay the importance of being a responsible dog owner.  This includes cleaning up after your pet when in public areas, discussing the importance of a regular vaccination schedule, and being aware of how your dogs behavior reflects on the entire dog owning community.   Members also help owners find appropriate places to take their pet for training and other pet related services.

WVDogs organizes numerous pet friendly activities for its members, including  several activities that are open to guests of active members. Members also work to find pet friendly events in the area and relay the information to others.  WVDogs members volunteer with other local organizations to help with their events.  WVDogs believes that all pet friendly activities should be supported either by volunteering or simply by attending the events to encourage a larger turn out.

WVDogs members that own therapy dogs work to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and transitional care facilities. Therapy dog programs work to fill the gap between assisted care facilities and people that have spent their lives as a pet owner.  The Club works to encourage visitation of current therapy dogs and helps owners locate resources for their future therapy dog.

First, check with one of our current members as to the next time and location of an open meeting.  Then, come out and see what we are all about.  Not all meetings are open to your canine friend, so be sure to ask!!
WVDogs have a variety of meeting types and locations so there is something that every dog lover would be interested in attending. 
The Club works hard to provide pet friendly activities for its members and ideas for new locations or different ways to have fun with our canine friends are always welcome.  Additionally, WVDogs accepts requests to assist at local pet friendly events. 
As a growing organization, WVDogs is always looking for people that want to get involved. Email  info@wvdogs.org.